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  • Green Glitter Flower Bezel Earrings


    These flower-shaped earring bezels have been inlaid with shimmering green glitter in resin.  They are dainty and sparkly and just downright beautiful!

  • Black and Gold Triangle Glass & Resin Earrings


    Are you a “Who Dat” at heart?  Are black and gold your colors?  Then be sure to grab yourself a pair of these edgy Triangle shaped earrings!  Made with Black and Gold colored crushed glass inlaid in resin, they catch the light beautifully and dazzle when worn!

  • Beach Scene Earrings & Necklace

    $20.00 Select options

    These stunning resin earrings and necklace are made with real micro-sized sea shells combined with sea-glass crystals and sand-colored glitter inlaid in resin.  They are just in time for spring break, and perfect for your beach attire!  Both the earrings and the necklace come in your choice of silver or gold tones.

  • Rose Gold Glitter and Flower Applique Resin Earrings

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    These Rose Gold-toned rectangle bezels are inlaid with fun floral stickers and glitter for a showy and feminine earring set!

  • Golden Patriotic Star Glitter and Resin Earrings

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    These fun patriotic star earrings are just in time for Flag Day & the upcoming Independence day holiday!! The Gold-toned star bezels are inlayed with resin and glitzy red, white, and blue glitter! Show your American spirit and get a pair of these today!!

  • Steampunk Watch Gear Earrings

    $20.00 Select options

    These steampunk-style earrings are interesting and all around fabulous! Made from Watch part and gear charms encased in resin, these are edgy, trendy, and perfect for a night on the town! 2 designs available!

  • Vintage Leaf Sequin Resin Earrings


    These resin earrings have a retro vibe with the inclusion of upcycled vintage leaf-shaped sequins.

  • Vintage Bugle & Seed Bead Resin Earrings


    These open bezel resin earrings are made using vintage glass bugle and seed beads from the 1960’s! They are multi-colored, will match any outfit and they are just plain fun!

  • Colored Resin Butterfly Earrings

    $23.00 Select options

    We are at it again…our Butterflies are back! We have two new designs to choose from – The open winged Monarch, or the Flying Monarch. Both are made with Colored resin set inside these gorgeous butterfly bezels! They are sure to be a conversation starter!

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